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Xiangqi - Chinese chess

Xiangqi – Chinese chess, Beijing, China


is a chinese board game, often called Chinese chess. It’s a very popular game in China, similar to games like chess, shogi, Indian chess, janggi and chaturanga. Xiangqi symbolizes a fight between two armies, whre the objective is to capture the king of the opposite site. There is quite many differences between Xiangqi and the western version of chess, which include special areas on board called river and palace which alter the movement of pieces and the fact that figures are placed on intersections of the board lines ( like in the Go ). The board is not a perfect square like in traditional chess, but it’s nine lines wide and ten lines long.

Xiangqi Board

Xiangqi Board

The pieces in Xiangqi are colored black and red and are called: Advisor, Cannon, Chariot, Elephant, General, Horse and Soldier. The name of the game is usually translated as “elephant game” and dates back to 200 BC. As the photo featured in this post shows, xiangqi is a very common pastime activity in Chinese cities.

This photo was taken during a walk in the Hutong district of Beijing in March 2010.

Some information about this photo
Date Taken:
March 26, 2010
Date Posted:
June 16, 2013
Focal Length
42mm ( 63mm equivalent )
Shutter Speed:
1/100 s
Photo Tags:
Beijing, China, chess, chinese board game, chinese chess, games, indian chess, janggi, western chess, xiangqi,
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Beijing, China
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